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Minia-GTUG [Minia - Google Technology User Group] is one of the biggest technical communities in Egypt, we have some interesting conferences, competitions, and many other creative activities . It was founded by a motivated team that includes the ambassadors of Google in Minia . Minia GTUG aims to create a large community to meet and exchange on Google technologies. Membership in this group is open to beginners, developers, policy makers, professionals and organizations interested in these technologies.We welcome developers of web sites and applications, designers and architects. We will cover the many technologies that Google offers, such as: App Engine, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, HTML 5, Chrome, Android and many other technologies...

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What is a GTUG?

The Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) are groups of people interested in technologies and platforms of Google: Android, Chrome, Google Apps, GWT, AppEngine / Storage and the various APIs like Google Maps, OpenSocial ...Find A complete list of topics covered on code.google.com . 

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